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Job Description

• Permanent petty cash:
• Issue payments for petty cash holders.
• Check average of petty cash usage
• sudden checking or auditing for all invoices & balance in bank and make report.
• Make sure petty cash incentive already closed when we close petty cash.
• Temporary petty cash:
• Issue it against approved temporary request &supported documents.
• follow it to close it during15 days.
• LPO & C.PO
• Issue payments & closing of local purchase orders.
• Issue payments & closing of central purchase orders.
• Update PO status & Finalize invoices related to purchase orders.
• Follow PUD payments to close them it during15 days
• Checking & analyzing external labors time sheet.
• Make reconciliation with major supplier and visit some suppliers.
• Cash salaries
• Closing Cash salaries related to His project.
• Member of scrap committee & Checking assets scrap.
• check and sign disposal request.
• scrap invoice will be from RUH and he will follow the deposited.
• Bank
• Prepare monthly finance request for project then send it to bank accountant.
• Make control for all transactions in project bank.
• control the balance.
• Periodic expenses
• Issue payment for periodic expenses (monthly expenses: DHL bill, Tel bill, Fuel Bill, water bill……)
• Incentive &Driver trip
• calculate drivers trips and send it to payroll accountant.
• Filling
• Make filling for all entries and send them to RUH after coordination with master data controller
• Visiting sites periodically & Emergency site visit (for investigation purpose).
• Member of materials stock taking committee.
• Member of assets stock taking committee.
• Following GR & SR report & Following old POs to be solved.
• Following prepaid , insurance & asset clearing GL 4. KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES (Job Description) : Description
• Checking & matching invoices at expense sheet with PR & store receipt, PM approval, quotations, all invoices already paid, follow payments till transferred.
• Checking LPO matching with quotations and comparison sheet, terms of payments, authorized limit for each manager. (Materials & Services)
• Checking Iqama copy for rental labors, approval of time sheet, cost center, make sure that profession same the previous month, make sure that no duplicated at any time sheet.
• Check the scrap (member of committee, check sales documentation approval-deposit-quotations……) Checking assets scrap
• Checking all periodic exp (approval –documents- logical- period……) and finally issue
• Periodic visit to site project at monthly base to check the external manpower, store & other issues related to accounts dept. tasks.
• Periodic visit to the suppliers at monthly base (two suppliers each month) to reconcile the balance with credit suppliers & make sure that all invoices purchased through expenses sheet paid directly from petty cash holders .
• Checking materials at the site to compare between actual balance and balance in system then take sample of documents to make sure that all issue & receipt voucher correct.
• Checking assets & Materials at site to compare between actual balance and balance in system then make report for( damaged, shortage & extra)and send it to concerned person .


 Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree Accounting
 Minimum Experience: (4-5) Years
 Generic Skills:
 Excellent team player
 Strong analytical skills
 Ability to work under pressure and meet objectives
 Fluent in Arabic & English (spoken and written)

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