FM Regulatory Operations – Chief Product Owner

The Role Responsibilities:

For an Agile Deliveries, the Chief Product Owner is responsible for maximising the business value of the product resulting from work done by the transformation teams. The CPO is the person with ultimate accountability for the successful delivery of the Regulatory Operations transformation portfolio which includes all aspects of the data relating to their Agile Delivery.

Develop the strategic operations direction and roadmap for FM Regulatory Operations functions, ensuring close collaboration between the functions to optimize the synergies aligning with the Business
Strategy, the Operations Strategy and investment appetite. This should drive regulatory compliance
Ensure close collaboration and a unified service delivery across the interrelated Data, Regulatory, Margin Operations and wider FMO and banks functions
Mitigate the material FM risk of regulatory enforcement and reputational damage and ensure on-going global compliance across the FM Regulatory Reporting Operations for all Standard Chartered regions for both current and future regulations
The CPO role is usually assigned to the senior manager who has operational/business responsibility for the Product. This ensures that business requirements are adequately addressed in the Projects and there is smooth transition and hand-over to BAU.
Representing the stakeholders, and has the mandate to prioritise scope(functions/features) on behalf of the Regulatory Operations team, setting the overall transformation vision and aims
Creating and maintaining a prioritised Product Backlogs with the relevant stream POs, ensuring it is visible, transparent and clear
Preparing all artefacts and assurance deliverables, including the Initial Release Plan and other associated mandatory milestones and tracking and reporting delivery against the Initial Release Plan
Clearly communicating priorities, objectives/goals, mission and acceptance criteria to the Agile Delivery Teams
Ensuring the Agile Delivery Team members understand items in the Product Backlogs to the level needed and leverage the wider scrum or scrum and cross streams forums
Ensuring that all submissions to committees (status reports, AED or equivalent, CRs, Closure Reports etc.) are of the right quality and are timely.
Communicating progress outside the core Agile Delivery Team to key stakeholders
Ensuring deliverables are of the desired quality and have appropriate endorsements/sign-offs
Overseeing change and delivering the products and processes into Production/BAU.
Owning the review of Benefits over the lifecycle
When requested, presenting the Agile Delivery Closure report to the relevant forum before the Delivery is closed.
They are the sole person (not a committee) responsible for managing the overall Product Backlogs, with the responsible POs.
Work hand in hand with the Business, taking product programs from investment decisions, into design, specification, and solution phases, all to way to operations on the ground, securing support services from other teams.
The term “Product” is used here in a generic sense to describe required capabilities. It includes capabilities that are needed to meet regulatory requirements as well as capabilities for supporting “internal clients”.
Ensuring any change is aligned with the BAU Regulatory Operations and F2B supporting processes and control frameworks
People and Talent:
Lead through example and build the appropriate culture and values. Sets appropriate tone and expectations for their team and work in collaboration with risk and control partners.
Employ, engage and retain high quality people such that FM Operations is skilled and experienced to deliver its obligations.
Ensure the provision of ongoing training and development; ensure that direct reports are suitably skilled and qualified for their roles and that they have effective supervision in place to mitigate any risks.
Set and monitor job descriptions and objectives for direct reports and provide feedback and rewards in line with their performance against those responsibilities and objectives.
Regulatory & Business Conduct:
Provide leadership in FM Operations, team to comply with the highest standards of regulatory and business conduct and practices as defined by internal and external requirements. Understand and ensure compliance with, in letter and spirit, all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines including those governing securities activities, company law, anti-money laundering, terrorist financing and sanctions; the Group’s policies and procedures; and the Group Code of Conduct. Take personal responsibility for understanding the risk and compliance requirements of the role. Effectively and collaboratively identify, escalate, mitigate and resolve risk and compliance matters
Embed the Group’s Values and Group Code of Conduct to ensure adherence with the highest standards of ethics. Comply with relevant policies, processes and regulations, as part of the culture. Lead by example by displaying exemplary conduct behaviours and take personal responsibility for:
the conduct of individuals in FM Operations team ensuring behaviours set out in the Group Code of Conduct are followed.
FM Operations achieving the outcomes set out in the Conduct Principals and Pillars.
both direct and indirect/dotted line managers are individually accountable to proactively communicate, collaborate and agree on the conduct ratings of employees.

Our Ideal Candidate
Market Knowledge: A wareness and understanding of the wider business, economic and market environment in which the firm operates.
Business Strategy and Model: – awareness and understanding of the firm’s business strategy and model appropriate to the role.
Risk Management and Control: – the ability to identify, assess, monitor, control and mitigate risks to the firm. Also, an awareness and understanding of the main risks facing the firm and the role the individual plays in managing them.
Financial Analysis and Control: – the ability to interpret the firm’s financial information, identify key issues based on this information and put in place appropriate controls and measures.
Governance, Oversight and Controls: – the ability to assess the effectiveness of the firm’s arrangements to deliver effective governance, oversight and controls in the business and, if necessary, oversee changes in these areas.
This role would require 10+ years of relevant experience, covering the implementation of strategy into technology solutions, part of which is operating at the Group level of sizeable international companies, ideally with some time in the finance sector covering FM products. International exposure, ability to handle cultural diversity and developing high performers are essential to this role.

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