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The Structured Solutions Development team (SSD) is accountable for designing, negotiating, structuring and delivering non-vanilla / bespoke solutions to our client base using a range of products within SCB and from external partners, as appropriate.

SSD is a core part of the product management team that is accountable for ensuring that the solutions developed are in compliant with the Bank’s policies and procedures, regulatory framework as well as ensuring that the products and process are in line with market needs and overall strategic product directions.

This team engages/consults with clients on their bespoke or complex needs and provides solutions which are customised. This team builds client specific solutions which may be widely adopted in the future (whilst sales is about delivering/marketing today’s product which are flow based in nature), working with clients whose needs are more complex and for whom there may be no readily available product on the shelf.

Solutions Development & Delivery
Plays a key role in leveraging experience of executing structured trade/structured finance/bespoke transactions.
Engages effectively with clients once a structure is identified for negotiating terms, engaging with legal and compliance teams to flesh out the term sheets, documents, PSRs and BCA.
Produces high quality analysis of the industry and business and the related processes related to a client by engagement with the client, researching on available data/information sources, competition, etc.
Deals of the following nature are typical of an SSD engagement:
bespoke sell down/insurance/club deal/syndication/ ECA arrangements
structured e-commerce / market place solutions
bespoke or complex RS, BBTL, syndicated/distributed VPP and pre-payment structures, EPC financing, long tenor deals
Deals which recommend an SSD involvement as per a product program or deal review guidelines
Complex trade solutions supporting sophisticated client structures such as required for the technology, telecom sectors, trading centres, and shared service centres
For complex situations, structure and implementation of bespoke trade-based financing spanning multiple product programs that will meet client’s trade financing needs
Solutions may involve specific tailored third-party partnerships (both SCB and client arranged/appointed 3rd Party)

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